Von Muziris

Von Muziris focuses on bringing positive values to the Jewelry Industry through the applications of technology and network.
We aggregate the true actors in the jewelry value chain such as the Artsinal Miners, Artisans, Designers, SME Manufacturers into one single secure and decentralized marketplace and help them and their inventory & talent to be discoverable.
We connect these dots so that they can trade among themselves and drive the industry to adopt more ethical and transparent practices, enabling the small retailers to curate unique stories of provenance to the modern conscious consumers.


Core Team

Vineeth Chandra Founder LinkedIn


9+ years experienced in Digital Transformation and
International Jewellery Trade

Jayadeep G Founder LinkedIn


5+Years Gemologist from the GIA
Experienced in Jewel & Gem Sales, BD, Gem Valuation

Muneer Ahmed Syed Founder LinkedIn


22+ Years in IT
Previous CTO of Free.fi, exit to Barona
Experienced in both Startup and Corporate (TCS)

Investors / Advisors

Amit Ranjan

Angel Investor, Advisor

30+ years experience across various domains
SlideShare Co-Founder, exit to LinkedIn

Tushar Pagrut

Investor, Advisor

12+ years experience in Software Development

DCX Norway

Investor, Technology Advisor

30+ years combined experience in Digital Transformation, Cloud Architecture


Ethically+ is a B2B Marketplace digitizing the supply chains of the Jewelry Industry.
Built using cutting edge technologies on multi-tenant cloud based architecture with an integrated Polygon Blockchain and API driven digital tools to manage inventory, orders, payments, KYC, logistics etc.
Focused on providing digital inclusion to Artisanal Miners from Sub Saharan Africa, Artisans and SMEs from Asia, connecting them to the rest of the world.
Impact focused by implementing UNSDGs 8, 9 and 17 respectively.
For more information about click Ethically+


Von Muziris also deals in direct concierge services for custom orders and offers consulting regarding sourcing and manufacturing of color gemstones, diamonds and jewelry.


Von Muziris is a private company registed in Finland with offices in Finland and India.

You can reach us at info@vonmuziris.com